Supply & Support of IT Equipment

Supply & Support of IT Equipment

Upgrading your office Printing equipment?
Ready to make the leap to modern PCs, Laptops and Tablets?
Tired of that old clunky safe and aging cabinets?

Why you should upgrade Now

  • Save your Electricity : Modern IT hardware uses less electricity than older devices for the same workload.
  • Faster Processing : Advances in chip technology have made resulted in sppedy processing of data. Save time by upgrading today.
  • Save office Space : Get smaller, lighter devices that perform more work than older larger and noisy equipment.

what we have for you

Fingertips Supplies, Maintains and Supports:

  • Servers
  • PCs(Desktops), Laptops, Business Tablets
  • CCTV Equipment

  • Genuine Operating systems (Microsoft Windows and Linux)
  • Printers (Dot Matrix, Laser, Inkjets) Tonners and Cartridges