Support & Supply of Computer Security

Supply & Support of Computer Security

They want what YOU have. Dont give it to them.


  • Hackers : Hackers are eager to get their hands on your precious data so that they can hold you at ransom.
  • The Competition : They would like to see you lose all credibility from unscrupulous data leaks so as to steal your clients from you.

what we have for you

Fingertips Supplies, Maintains and Supports:

  • Hardware Firewalls : We provide gadgets that protect your network and devices from unauthorized access, and to make sure your public facing web services are secure.
  • Software Firewalls : Our Software firewall solutions ensure safe network monitoring to protect your internal and public networks from hacker intrusion.
  • Secure Remote Data Backup : In case of onsite data loss, we offer customized solutions that guarantee offsite secure data backup and recovery.
  • Antivirus software : We provide expert advice on the right security tool for your PCs, Laptops , business tablets and phones so that you can only have what you need, and relief you from the expenses associated with what you don't actually need.